Completed Projects

Equipping Amusement parks, commercial and residential complexes with amusement machines
Looking to equip your complex or amusement with affordable and high-quality devices?
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Provides the largest technical support

Providing technical and support services and repairing products in the shortest time possible to all parts of Iran.
Leading in providing engineering services to the customers.
increase customer satisfaction by identifying needs and speed in providing after-sales service including warranty.

Support Services

Provide the fastest and most high-quality technical support services

Design and Placement

Design and Placement amusement devices in entertainment venues and shopping centers using AutoCAD, 3DMax, Sketch Up and Z Brush software.


Advice, consultation and discussion before buying on the suitability of the project's terms of reference, the location of the playground, the budgeting required for devices ,the social and environmental situation.

Last Projects

What places we can put amusement equipment?

Commercial buildings

Equip business complexes, shopping malls, passages and city centers for entertainment and children's homes.

Amusement Parks

Consulting, designing and equipping of amusement parks in Iran.

Tourist Centers

Design, placement and equip the country's tourist centers with entertainment devices.

Kids House

Designing and delivering kids devices as well as home and jobs for children.

Residential buildings

Equipping residential buildings, villas and beach towers with amusement arcades.

Hotels and Restaurants

Putting entertainment devices in the country's major hotels and restaurants that want to be the best

We work with best business partners

Shahrebazi Sazan Talaee Company has partnered with the largest companies in the field of indoor amusement and entertainment equipment in order to equip and deliver the most up-to-date high quality entertainment and amusement equipment. As an interconnection bridge, it always places the latest technology and entertainment devices in all parts of Iran.